Strength Through Automation

DecisionQ Corporation creates the foundational mathematics that sit at the very heart of many of today's modern systems, products and services. Our predictive models are the basis for more specific medical diagnostics, better shampoo formulas, more reliable credit card fraud prevention, more accurate transportation safety screening, and improvements to countless other products.  Chances are - without knowing it - you're already one of our clients. DecisionQ employs our unsupervised machine learning methods to transform complex and intractable problems into manageable predictive mathematical insights that can be deployed today.

When your enterprise or mission relies on complex decisions made at computer speeds, we can both discover and deploy pivotal insights where manual analysis and implementation isn't possible or practical.  No matter how fast you need to be, we can be faster.

When your endeavors demand success and have been resistant to any and every other class of solution, we succeed where traditional methods can't and don't.