How We Work...

DecisionQ thrives on data-rich projects.  We have successfully applied our proven tools and methodology in the financial sector, managed care industries, IVDMIA molecular and genetic diagnostics, insurance and reinsurance, retail, consumer packaged goods, logistics, national defense and other industries.  Our extensive experience allows us to customize our production to your needs and create both unique insights and automated systems to deliver them. One size does not fit all.

We work with our clients and partners in structured relationships that span the range of financial risk sharing.  DecisionQ does not sell its proprietary technology, but does license components to facilitate the implementation of our predictive statistical products.

Joint Venture with LMO

DecisionQ and LMO are in the process of creating a joint venture in the marketing acceleration space.

LMO has delivered integrated marketing solutions for over 15 years and has now built digital capabilities to maximize single- and cross-channel performance.

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